Minions BANANA BABY IN HELICOPTER Funny Cartoon ~ Minions All Mini Movies 2017

Minions BANANA BABY IN HELICOPTER Funny Cartoon ~ #Minions All Mini Movies 2017 [4k]

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Have you ever seen a minion riding a bike? while the ride he witnesses a BANANA stuck into the water pipe.. and he’s trying to get it — the great banana — out of the water pipe!

NEW MINIONS MINI MOVIE 2015. They are Searching For Banana up To Fridge .. Minions drive to Being Crazy for Catching it .

You Will find Huge Funny Minions moment in this Video

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Minions with Unbelievable Funny Ways Don’t Miss Them All Copyright For Banana Cartoon
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Banana Mini Movie

Minion’s adventure this time takes place in the “ White Land “ where you can find Bananas in any possible place that you can or can’t imagine : one time on an air balloon , another time on a disco ball , once on a beehive , on a goal , on a top of a pyramid , on a tent , in a cage , on a truck , on a giant TV etc. ……& much more !!! –You will never know what’s next –
The trick is how will the minion catch the banana …
& will he succeed or not !!…

Minions Amazing life Cartoon

Minions Video 🙂

Minion is a cheerful creature, who loves to play around, every now and then while he’s playing, he finds a Banana, but no matter how hard he tries to reach it, he always fails. While the purple minion every time shows up in the last minute and just take the banana with the easiest possible way ….. weird huh ??!

Minions Banana Eyes Hurts Crying & Doctor Injects Full Movie! Finger Family Song Nursery Rhymes

Minions Superhero Mini Movies :-

1.-Minions The Avengers Are Lost

1.Minions Batman vs Superman ..
Superhero minions Battle Unveblivble story happen minions didn’t know each other and also they don’t know they are superhero for while lex luthor get trying to crush the world
batmnan find this message and getting crazy and get his car and go fast to save the world in same time superman was trying to save his girl friend after lex luthor judge her .. let’s see full amazing story

2.Minions Batman vs joker ..
3. The Avengers Minions:
Judges: Nick Fury, Stan Lee and Joss Whedon are trying to find the new superhero!
Minions got kidnapped during the aliens invasion and they were trying to find their way out of the aliens’ spaceship when the robot arrested them again! so what’s going to happen next?
Minion Iron Man
Minion Thor
Minion Captain America
Minion Hulk

4. Minions Home Alone

5- God Of wars


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